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David Phan

Namaste!  Malla Treks, an established trekking based in Kathmandu is an exceptional company that provides a wide range of services for the discerning traveler.  I have done many treks in Nepal over the course of 20+ years and have always depended on their services and guidance for my needs when traveling in Nepal.  Malla Treks caters to many different types of travelers from all walks of life.  This includes large groups, medium size groups, or solo travelers like myself from all over the world.  One of the great features is that the company offers custom treks based on a client’s valuable time, specialty requirements, and physical ability.  As for me, I am a photographer so I require a trek that will be structured to allow shorter distances between villages allowing me to do more photography in the course of the day.  For trekkers who wish to cover more distance at a brisker pace, this can be done easily by charting greater lengths from village to village.  There are many trekking options for the seasoned trekker as well as more popular destinations for the first time traveler. 


Malla Treks, can and will connect clients to popular venues such as the Annapurna Base Camp, or the Ultimate Everest experience to the Everest base camp leaving one with lasting impressions long after the journey has ended.  My personal favorite trek that I have done with the Malla company is the spectacular Around Manaslu trek.  The Manaslu experience is incomparable.  It is surpassingly beautiful exposing one to varied cultures especially if you add-on the Tsum Valley extension that was in recent years opened to tourists.  Geographically, the Manaslu trek offers the most spectacular mountain views one can expect and the crown jewel being Mt. Manaslu, the eight highest peak in the world.  Along the way, the paths lead the trekker through deep gorges, valleys surrounded by towering cliffs, and plentiful picturesque villages to wander through in following the torrents of the Buri Gandaki river that eventually leads to the massive glacier fields of Mt. Manaslu. 


For those who want less crowds, there is the remote Dolpo region, going around the Dhauligiri Massif, and the Kenchenga region in eastern Nepal.  The owner of Malla Treks, Mr. Durga Bhandari, has been in the trekking industry for as long as I can remember and is a well versed authority on all adventure trekking in Nepal has to offer.  With a simple email of inquiry, he will be eager to spend his time and impart this knowledge and assist a client with what their travel objectives are for a visit to Nepal.  From past experience, Durga has proved again and again to be detail oriented, highly efficient, easy to communicate with, and meticulous in crafting any itinerary for a trekker to ensure the final outcome will be well beyond one’s expectations. 


My most recent trek to Nepal was this past November 2018.  I did a protracted trek around the Annapurna region going over the legendary Thoroung La pass, and then I coupled this portion with an extension going into the Annapurna sanctuary.  The trek was 27 days in duration and covered many parts of the Annapurnas mountains over a range of trekking routes affording me mountain views that were unforgettable.  This trek was a blend of staying in lodges and camping.   As with my previous treks with Malla, Durga provided me with a solid team which included a delightful guide, a talented and versatile cook and porters whom I endear knowing them from earlier treks.  In particular, my guide was extremely efficient.  Furthermore, he was patient with me beyond measure not to mention demonstrating kindness and politeness throughout my long journey.  He was also knowledgeable about mountains, the different areas we visited and most important, he was caring about my well-being and safety.  It also worth noting that he had very good judgement and I often sought out this expertise which proved to be invaluable and greatly enhanced my overall experience.  My cook was great in preparing an assortment of meals that were plentiful and most important-Delicious!  I was indeed very well fed.  The other staff members, such as porters, were very helpful as well and knew instinctively what my needs were in terms of lodging.  They would start out very early in the day before my departure to the next village to secure me a very good room for the night.  I was never displeased with their choice of accommodation.  When it came to camping, the porters always chose a camping spot with great mountain views and with solitude.


I cannot overemphasize in stating that using the services of Malla Treks one can only expect the best from start to finish.  There is an overabundance of tour operators in Kathmandu competing for clients at prices which seem to be too good to be true.  As is often said, you get what you pay for.  With Malla Treks, you are offered exemplary service at a competitive and fair price.  I highly endorse this company for anyone who wants a trouble free and seamless experience in a country which offers an abundance of adventure, and culture.  Out of a five star rating system, I easily assign six stars for Malla Treks for fulfilling its mission objective to provide travelers the very best in touring, trekking, and mountaineering.



David Phan (World Bank)


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David Phan (World Bank)

December 15, 2018